In response to the rapid spread of infection, such as the first confirmation of infection with a new mutant virus "Omicron strain" in Niigata Prefecture on the 7th, the prefecture issued its own "warning" on the 8th. In addition to thoroughly implementing infection control measures, we are calling for the active use of free inspections conducted at pharmacies.

On the 7th in Niigata prefecture, it was confirmed that one person in his twenties was infected with the new mutant virus "Omicron strain", and the total number of infected people in the week up to the 7th was 135. It has more than doubled from the previous week.

In response to this situation, on the 8th, the prefecture held an urgent countermeasures headquarters meeting with Niigata City, which has a large number of infected people, and issued an "alarm" unique to the prefecture, saying that it is necessary to call for caution to the citizens of the prefecture. did.

It will be the first announcement in about 3 months since it was lifted on October 15th last year.

After thoroughly implementing basic infection control measures such as wearing masks and disinfecting, the prefecture will stop returning home, going on business trips, participating in events, etc. if it feels unwell, consulting a medical institution, or at a pharmacy. We are calling for the active use of free inspections.

After the meeting, Governor Hanazumi said at a press conference, "I would like to ask for the cooperation of the citizens of the prefecture so as not to lead to stronger measures such as issuing a prefecture-specific" special warning "and requesting restaurants to shorten business hours." rice field.