[Subtitles] Recently, Mengmeng, an 18-year-old girl from Hebei, was poisoned by her brother-in-law with paraquat, which touched the hearts of netizens.

  [Subtitles] On January 5, Mengmeng was transferred to Beijing for treatment.

On January 7, she successfully completed the lung transplant operation and her vital signs are stable.

  [Subtitles] On the evening of January 7, Mengmeng's aunt was interviewed by a reporter from China News Agency.

  [Concurrent] Mengmeng's aunt, Ms. Guo

  I am in a very good mood, and our family is looking forward to this day.

It is also the source of this lung that came in time. Our child sent this lung from the 5th to the 6th (hospital).

I didn't sleep last night, I didn't rest well, I was worried and excited.

  I don't know if it will be rejected in the future, is there any infection?

Are afraid of the future.

After all, it is difficult for our family to raise some (money) for her, and she still has to take medicine.

After all, such a big thing happened, this is not a small illness of cough and cold.

We have raised 400,000 to 500,000 yuan, and the lungs (transplantation) alone will cost more than 600,000 yuan.

  This kid is a little reticent and introverted.

The child is very good at school every day, and she doesn't have much to do. I think she is too easy and not naughty at all.

When she went to school, her father gave her 20 yuan, and when she came back, the 20 yuan was not spent.

She doesn't have much contact with her sister. She has never been to her sister's house. This time, she stayed at home for two days. Instead of going to school, she went to her sister's house.

  Her sister is plucking the grass in the yard. In our villages, we do not always have a house and a yard. (Paraquat) is plucked in the yard from the bottom.

We have all seen that (paraquat) is terrible now, and it will kill the child again.

  The whole family is counting on her to go home, happy and happy, all looking forward to this, where the child wants to go, how and what, this child has suffered so much.

  [Subtitles] Earlier, the police reported that Mengmeng's brother-in-law had been arrested because he thought he was "looked down" and retaliated by poisoning.

  [Subtitles] According to Chen Jingyu, an expert who consulted on surgery for Mengmeng, there is no "regret medicine" for paraquat poisoning, but only a ray of hope for lung transplantation.

Thanks to the lung source obtained from the brain-dead charitable donation, Mengmeng will enter rapid recovery soon after the lung transplant.

  Reporter Wen Mengxin reports from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]