【Live】The live countdown screen of the Hong Kong New Year's Eve Concert

  [Commentary] When 2021 enters the last minute, the bright fireworks accompanied by Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" and the night on both sides of the Victoria Harbour complement each other... At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, a "Hong Kong New Year's Eve Concert" will be held The Victoria Harbour in winter has been lit up, and it has become the first physical New Year countdown event held by the Hong Kong Tourism Board under the epidemic. More than 3,000 Hong Kong citizens welcomed the arrival of the New Year together, and also showed the Hong Kong New Year's event to the global audience.

According to statistics, about 2.4 billion people watched the show online.

  [Commentary] It is the industry-renowned Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra who will present the finale performance of the concert.

As the chief guest conductor of the orchestra, veteran conductor Yu Long has led many famous orchestras and participated in many global performances, but the experience of participating in this New Year's Eve concert is unforgettable.

  [Concurrent] Yu Long, Principal Guest Conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

  It is the first time to participate in a situation like Hong Kong. I think it is particularly difficult during the epidemic. Thank you to all the organizers and all the staff.

I think Hong Kong itself is an open city and a window to the world.

Let the world understand China, Hong Kong, and Asia, and also let the mainland of China, (China) Hong Kong, Asia, and also communicate with the world through Hong Kong.

  [Explanation] Continuing Hong Kong's cultural characteristics of integrating Chinese and foreign, as well as East and West, in the past three decades, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra has developed into an outstanding orchestra that brings together Chinese and overseas music elites, attracting world-class artists to perform on the same stage.

Through more than 150 performances every year, it presents a musical feast for more than 200,000 music fans.

At the Gramophone Magazine Awards Ceremony in London, England, in 2019, the Hong Kong Philharmonic won the "Orchestra of the Year Award", the first time an Asian orchestra has won the award.

  [Concurrent] Yu Long, Principal Guest Conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

  I probably rarely see an orchestra in the world, it is basically half European and American and half Asian.

Including French, British, Americans, Italians, all kinds of races, (China) Mainland, (China) Hong Kong, overseas, Japanese, Korean, etc. An orchestra together can become a leader among all the orchestras in the world, and one of the top orchestras in the world.

This also condenses a distinct urban characteristic of the city of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is such a city. After all the cultures in the world have been attracted to this city, everyone has found their own place in the city.

  [Explanation] As the "soul man" of the orchestra, Yu Long admitted that it is not easy to integrate cultures from all over the world into one orchestra, but there are also secrets.

  [Concurrent] Yu Long, Principal Guest Conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

  It is very difficult, because everyone has his own personality in every aspect of his living habits and his artistic expression, and the personality becomes a group here.

The most important thing for everyone in a symphony orchestra to work together is listening.

If he doesn't listen to each other, he can't make good music.

In fact, I think the same is true in this society. We must be able to listen to each other and listen to each other, and then we will respect each other, and then we will have a harmonious society, so the orchestra is a typical example.

  [Commentary] Learning to respect and listen to each other, the exchanges between Chinese and foreign musicians, senior musicians and young musicians have also made the orchestra more diverse and international.

Wang Liang, a young mainland violinist who has played in the orchestra for 14 years, has a deep understanding of this point.

  [Concurrent] Wang Liang, Second Deputy Principal Violin of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

  The "little United Nations" can be used to describe our regiment, because our regiment is very rich in personnel.

For example, if we are going to play a French piece, then during rehearsal, I will subconsciously observe a French colleague of mine, and then you can see that he has a special understanding of the piece, when he has a solo You will be very confident.

For me, maybe our repertoire focuses more on the combination of Chinese and Western, which can broaden our horizons.

  [Commentary] Since 2002, he has been the chief flute of the orchestra. In the eyes of Australian musician Sterling, good music knows no borders. Musicians from different backgrounds grow, adapt and progress together, creating a unique and beautiful melody.

  【Concurrent】Styling, Principal Flute of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

  One of the great things about music is that it's universal, it's a universal language, it doesn't really matter where you come from or who's playing it, as long as the music is good enough, people will respond.

The musicians grow and experience together, and the collective consciousness of the musicians creates beautiful music.

  [Explanation] The East and the West are mixed and colorful. This famous orchestra has traveled all over the world for half a century, using music to build a bridge of mutual learning between the East and the West, and let the world know Hong Kong from the perspective of art again.

  Reporter Fan Siyi and Luo Siyu report from Hong Kong

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]