Regarding the rapid spread of infection with the new corona in Tokyo, Governor Koike said, "We must proceed with the recognition that the fight against corona has entered a new phase." I called for thoroughness.

The infection is spreading rapidly in Tokyo, and the number of people who are thought to have been infected with the Omicron strain in the city has been renewed for two consecutive days until the 6th.

Governor Koike said at a regular press conference on the 7th, "We must proceed with the recognition that the fight against Corona has entered a new phase. We want to have a strong sense of crisis as the city."

He added, "Actions to prevent infection will protect not only yourself, but also your family, loved ones, and society." We called for thorough infection control measures such as avoidance of infection.

In addition, while the reporter asked about the criteria for requesting "priority measures such as spread prevention," Governor Koike said, "I would like to seek an effective method while listening to the opinions of experts and take appropriate measures. ".