Thousands of stranded starfish were discovered on the beaches of Wales in early January, BBC News.

On Twitter, an amateur photographer shared photos of the scene taken on the beach at Coppet Hall in the town of Saundersfoot.

“It was sad to see so many dead starfish.

They washed up on the shore during high tide, ”he describes.

This phenomenon would however be natural, according to the Marine Conservation Society.

Weather-related strandings are said to be common on the Welsh coast.

“Especially when it comes on high tides, and we've had both in the last few days,”

Adam Cooper, maritime adviser at Welsh government agency Natural Resources Wales , told


Independent  .

Very sad seeing so many dead starfish on Coppet Hall beach, Saundersfoot today.

Coming ashore on todays high tide, click photos to open @GDPTenby.

'A natural event' Natural Resources Wales have previously stated. @ ThePhotoHour @BBCWalesNews @ITVWales

- Gareth Davies Photog (@GDPTenby) January 3, 2022


If the images are impressive, then there would be nothing unusual. It is the presence of mussels and clams, preferred dish of echinoderm, which would have brought these populations closer to the shore according to a biologist interviewed by our British colleagues. Many of them should survive and reproduce, says the scientist. “After such a test, they will be more resistant to the environment,” he adds.

Winter storms can however prove fatal for starfish. Particularly because of the cold.

At the end of November 2021, the BBC reported


storm Arwen had raged through the seas in the United Kingdom.

Falling water temperatures cause marine species to reduce their activity, which can lead them to get carried away by the powerful waves.

And starfish are not the only victims: sea urchins, fish and coastal birds are also found on the coast.



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