China News Service, Lanzhou, January 6 (Reporter Xu Xue) The reporter learned from the Women and Children Working Committee of the Gansu Provincial Government on the 6th that Gansu’s measures will improve the level of prenatal and postnatal care, strengthen childbirth policy guarantees, and strengthen parenting guarantees. The childbirth policy is implemented.

  On December 31, 2021, the Gansu Provincial Government promulgated and implemented the "Gansu Province Women's Development Plan (2021-2030)" and "Gansu Province Children's Development Plan (2021-2030)" (hereinafter referred to as the New Two Plans), which depicted Gansu The blueprint for the development of the cause of women and children also includes many measures to promote the implementation of the "three-child policy".

  The new two plans propose to strengthen parenting protection, develop inclusive childcare services, incorporate care services for infants and children under 3 years of age into economic and social development plans, expand service supply, promote the establishment of an inclusive childcare service system, and explore the integration of childcare and community Service modes such as nursery schools and family mutual aid nursery schools.

Support qualified kindergartens to set up nursery classes, and encourage employers to establish maternity rooms and nursery care service facilities.

  Jiang Xingui, the first-level inspector of the Gansu Provincial Health Commission, said at a related press conference recently that Gansu will promote women’s life-cycle health management, implement maternal and child health promotion actions, continue to carry out health science publicity and education to optimize child health services, and improve 0 to 6-year-old children’s health management, the implementation of a healthy child action improvement plan, and promotion of newborn safety protection, early childhood development, children’s eye care and vision inspections.

  At the same time, Gansu has comprehensively strengthened the construction of the provincial, city and county tertiary critically ill pregnant and lying-in women and newborn care centers, improved the referral and treatment network to ensure the treatment of critically ill pregnant and lying-in women and critically ill newborns; improved and improved the birth defect prevention and control network system, and strengthened the shortage of talents for birth defects. Cultivate and implement the three-level prevention and treatment measures for birth defects.

  Gansu also promptly revised and promulgated the "Regulations on Population and Family Planning in Gansu Province" to clarify the time for maternity leave and nursing leave.

In the new two plans, the systems for breastfeeding time and maternity leave, nursing leave and parental leave are clearly implemented.

During pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, women enjoy special labor protection in accordance with relevant state regulations and can receive help and compensation.

  Huang Aiju, deputy director of the Women and Children Working Committee of the Gansu Provincial Government and chairman of the Provincial Women’s Federation, said that the child development plan sets up 7 areas of health, safety, education, welfare, family, environment, and legal protection, and proposes a total of 70 main goals and 89 strategic measures. .

According to the actual situation in Gansu, the child development plan also proposes a series of characteristic measures, such as "promoting HPV vaccination for girls of school age", "strengthening the construction of demonstration bases for early childhood development", "strictly implementing the entrusted care system, and relying on the responsibilities of all parties."