China News Service, Hefei, January 5 (Reporter Zhao Qiang) The reporter learned from the Public Security Department of Anhui Province on the 5th that in October 2021, the Criminal Police Brigade of Xiangshan Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Huaibei City received a clue to the case: a large number of Han portraits were found in a warehouse stone.

After receiving the clues, the police arrived at the scene immediately and found a large number of suspected Han Dynasty stone reliefs in the warehouse of a company.

  As a kind of funeral art under the culture of ritual system, the portrait stone of the Han Dynasty is a stone building with carving content on the tombs, ground ancestral halls, and cemetery stone faults of the Han Dynasty. It belongs to ancient tombs and stone carvings with historical, artistic and scientific value. mural.

  A large number of Han portrait stones found at the scene were preliminarily checked by experts from the Huaibei Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau and the Municipal Museum, and most of them were judged to be authentic cultural relics.

Photo courtesy of Huaibei Police in the case of Han Dynasty stone portraits

  After confirming the clues of the cultural relic case, the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Huaibei Public Security Bureau and the Criminal Police Brigade of Xiangshan Branch established a joint task force to carry out a comprehensive investigation. With the cooperation of various departments, the task force accurately traced the suspects and gradually identified the three suspects. identity.

At the same time, after appraisal, there are 4 national second-level cultural relics, 30 third-level cultural relics, and 58 general cultural relics in the stone portraits involved, all of which are precious historical and cultural heritages of China.

  On November 5, under the unified deployment of the Huaibei City Public Security Bureau, the joint operation team successfully captured the three suspects in Xuzhou City and found more than 50 untraded portrait stones.

  After interrogation, the suspect truthfully confessed the illegal and criminal facts of the three people's partnership reselling Han's portrait stone.

  At present, the case is under further investigation, and all relevant cultural relics involved in the case have been transferred to the Huaibei City Museum.

  Anhui Province is rich in historical and cultural resources, complete in cultural relics and distinctive features.

As of the end of September 2020, there are 25,005 immovable cultural relics in the province, and 175 of its Chinese preservation units.

However, criminals are driven by interests and extend their criminal hands to the precious heritage distributed in Anhui Province. This has spawned a series of profit chains such as theft, excavation, reselling, and smuggling, forming a new trend of groupization, intelligence, and violence. It poses a serious threat to the safety of cultural relics in Anhui Province.

  In recent years, the public security organs of Anhui Province have severely cracked down on various cultural relics criminal activities in accordance with the law, and made every effort to protect the national cultural relics.

Especially since August 2020, since the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration of Cultural Relics jointly deployed special operations to combat cultural relics crimes, the provincial public security organs and cultural relics departments have supported each other, cooperated closely, and fought side by side through joint formulation of plans and regular consultations. , The special action has achieved remarkable results.

In the past three years, Anhui Province has cracked a total of 486 cases of various cultural relics and recovered more than 8,310 cultural relics.