He makes prosthetic limbs for the paralyzed..a Palestinian shelters hundreds of stray dogs


The Palestinian young man, Saed Al-Arr, in the south of Gaza City, shelters hundreds of stray dogs, some of which have amputated limbs. With the help of his family and specialists, he installs prosthetic limbs for paralyzed dogs, and provides medical and nutritional services to them.

According to “Sputnik” agency, 400 dogs of different sizes, types and ages are inside the shelter that Saed established with his father, receiving full care based on primitive equipment for stray and paralyzed dogs. We receive dogs in the shelter most in need of help, and by helping people who contact us, we bring dogs to the shelter after examining them, and assistance and shelter are provided to them by individual efforts, away from official support, and we provide dogs with appropriate food, necessary treatments and medicines and keep them clean.”

The project to shelter stray dogs is a non-profit project, and the land on which the project is built has been provided since 2017, with an estimated area of ​​2 and a half dunams, and was provided in cooperation with the Gaza Municipality. The streets, such as traffic accidents and war accidents, and the last of these animals we received in the shelter was the dog Lucy who was paralyzed, and we were able to make a wheelchair for her with simple tools and wheels for a bicycle, so that she could move freely, after she was lying in the street battling imminent death.”

The Al-Rahma Shelter project faces several challenges, the most important of which is the lack of prosthetic limbs for dogs and animals in the Gaza Strip, and the lack of real support for this project for its continuation, but these difficulties do not prevent Saed and his family, with the support of friends, from continuing this humanitarian work that saved many dogs.

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