At the beginning of his work, Governor Koike of Tokyo called for caution against the spread of the Omicron strain of the new coronavirus in a greeting for employees at the beginning of the year.

On the 4th of the first day of work, Governor Koike gave a greeting to the executives and staff of the city at the beginning of the year.

In this, Governor Koike said, "More than 100 newly infected people were confirmed in Tokyo yesterday, and the Omicron strain, which is said to be more transmissive than the Delta strain, is expanding rapidly during the year-end and New Year holidays." rice field.

He then called for caution, saying, "The true value of the knowledge and experience we have cultivated so far is being questioned for new crises. Let's take the initiative."

He also said, "I have no time to be satisfied with the current situation in order to create the future. I would like to aim for the further development of Tokyo with the keyword of light for the past year. The development of the legacy of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and decarbonization. In order to promote solar power generation, which holds the key to Tokyo, and to overcome the rapidly declining birthrate and aging population, I want you to take on the challenge of moving forward with a sense of speed like light. "