A barrage of meteors will fall on Earth tonight!

The night sky will be illuminated by meteor showers, and hundreds of meteors will appear in parts of the northern hemisphere, at a rate of about 100 meteors per hour.

The discovery of meteors can be difficult and requires a lot of patience, and according to the British newspaper "Express", the United Kingdom will witness part of the meteor show, which will continue until January 12, and will peak between 3 and 4 of the same month.

The newspaper pointed out that the number may reach 120 meteorites per hour.

The peak is likely to last a few hours, and you can recognize the meteors by their bright blue appearance and beautiful movements.

In some cases, you can spot meteors with the naked eye without a telescope or binoculars. For the best conditions, you need to find a safe place away from street lights and other sources of light pollution, and be in an open space so that you can scan the night sky with your eyes.

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