Beacon releases 2021 China Film Annual Report

  annual box office of 47.258 billion recovered to 70% before the epidemic

The film "Changjin Lake" breaks film history record with 5.77 billion box office

  On January 1, Beacon Research Institute and Beacon Professional Edition jointly released the "2021 China Film Market Annual Report" entitled "New Forces in the New Pattern". Market structure, focusing on the industry's exploration and excavation of new schedules and potential movie-watching power.

  The "Report" shows that, as the first year after the epidemic has stabilized, the total box office of Chinese movies in 2021 will reach 47.258 billion, recovering to 74% of the pre-epidemic.

In terms of content supply, a total of 697 films were released throughout the year, a record high.

The sinking market continues to expand, with the share of third- and fourth-tier cities approaching 40% for the first time. Among them, the fourth-tier cities have recovered quickly after the epidemic, and the number of annual movie viewers exceeds that of the first- and third-tier cities.

  In terms of the content market, "Chinese Narrative" has become the core theme of the past year.

In 2021, imported films accounted for 20% of the box office in the market, less than 1/2 of 2016; on the other hand, domestic films led by themes of themes continued to develop steadily this year.

Among them, the film "Changjin Lake" broke the record of film history with a box office of 5.77 billion, and its creation continued to be close to the spirit of the times, continuing the "Chinese narrative".

  According to the "Report", the consumption habits of users in 2021 are more biased towards short-term, festive viewing. Tickets and real estate are concentrated in the Spring Festival and National Day. The number of films released during non-key schedules and the box office output have declined.

A total of 27 films with a box office of more than 200 million in the year, 60% of which were released during the large-scale period; 12 films were released outside the large-scale period, and the main types were romance films and crime/suspense films.

  The "Report" shows that in 2021, when the epidemic is occasionally repeated, the restart of theaters after a short shutdown has caused a burst of compressed movie-watching intentions.

For example, the theaters in Xiamen City restarted on October 6 after being closed for 20 days. The box office on that day reached 6.73 million, exceeding the peak of the same period last year. The enthusiasm for movie watching continued until the first weekend after the festival.

The data shows that under the right conditions of content and schedule, users still have a lot of willingness to watch movies to be released.

  The upcoming 2022 Spring Festival file will again gather many head movies.

According to the data, "Super Family", "Four Seas" and "Miracle" are currently ranked in the top three with high popularity; in terms of user composition, "Super Family" and "Si Hai" have no obvious tendency, while "Miracle" is younger The proportion of women is relatively high.

In addition, there are as many as 6 animated films for the Spring Festival. Among them, the new works of the two major children's IPs "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" and "Bear Infested" occupy the top two favorites.

The content of the header drives the momentum of watching movies, and the Spring Festival file will start the new year of 2022 for Chinese movies.

  Text/Reporter Xiao Yang


  After 00, it has become the main force of consumption

  On January 1, Maoyan Research Institute released the "2021 China Film Market Data Insights", which reviewed the Chinese film market in 2021 from multiple dimensions such as the market market, schedule characteristics, audience viewing willingness and motivation, and domestic film types.

  In 2021, the Chinese film market defended the global box office champion with 47.258 billion, and the top three in the annual box office were "Changjin Lake", "Hello, Li Huanying" and "Detective Chinatown 3". The total box office of the three exceeded the 15 billion mark. For the second year in a row, three Chinese films have ranked among the top ten in the global box office.

Among them, "Detective Chinatown 3" and "Hello, Li Huanying" alternately led the Spring Festival stalls, setting a new box office record for the Spring Festival stalls of 7.842 billion yuan; "Changjin Lake" drove the National Day stalls to rise continuously, boosting the National Day stalls to win 43.88 in 7 days. 100 million box office, the second-highest box office record period.

  Looking at the box office throughout the year, Maoyan Research Institute found that in 2021, viewers tend to choose to watch movies on holidays. The proportion of box office during holiday seasons has risen sharply to 36%. At the same time, the box office of top movies has repeatedly broken records, which also reflects the audience. The choice of films is more concentrated than ever.

Correspondingly, in 2021, the real estate sales on weekday tickets have declined, and the box office and number of waist films have been disrupted.

Looking back on the market data, it can be seen that the above-mentioned market characteristics of "watching big movies in concentrated time" to a large extent reflect the current low-frequency audience's motives for watching movies compared to previous years.

  To raise the ceiling of the market, you need to understand consumers better.

By comparing the annual ticket purchase portrait data of Maoyan year by year, we can see that the composition of consumer groups in the movie market in 2021 has changed significantly.

As the first batch of post-00s entered adulthood, they quickly flooded into the film market and gradually became the main force of consumption, driving the overall structure of the Chinese film market to younger audiences.

  It is worth noting that according to the insight data, judging from the viewing preferences of different generations, youth, love, youth animation, thriller and other types are the preferred themes of the post-00s; in addition to youth and love, the post-95s watching movies are also Choose more suspense-themed movies; post-90s have a stronger preference for action, adventure and other genres; post-80s have a strong demand for parent-child movie watching, which is clearly reflected in their enthusiasm for animated films; plot movies and historical war themes are better for post-70s And the audience before 70 has a stronger appeal.

  From the perspective of tier-one cities, audiences in first-tier cities focus on imported films and biographical films; in addition to imported films, second-tier cities also favor domestic films such as suspense and action; audiences in third-tier cities have significantly improved their choice of parent-child animation films; In the fourth-tier cities, love and youth themes are more popular.

  Different growth environments, consumption habits and aesthetic interests have influenced the concept of film-watching consumption of generations.

The report emphasizes that understanding the preferences and needs of audiences in various generations and tiers of cities, and studying and judging the audience’s preferences with detailed data can provide ideas for the types of films to be produced on the supply side of the industry and the branch distribution of the distribution side, thereby strengthening audience viewing. Motivation, increase the frequency of viewing movies, this is also the fundamental way to solve the problem of "market productivity is going to be polarized".

  Text/Reporter Xiao Yang Coordinating/Man Yi