The typical ham and cheese board, the stuffed eggs or the traditional prawn dish are not at all bad options, but surely no one will be surprised to see them or remember your dinner for them.

Offering your guests

original and delicious starters

is a much simpler task than it seems.

You just need a few good

New Year's Eve appetizer


to leave them wanting to repeat themselves, and you'll have the easy and affordable menu you're looking for ready.



are one of the most versatile alternatives are also quick to prepare.

The filler options are many.

One possibility is


(well mashed) and a piece of

smoked salmon

wrapped around itself in the center.

Add chopped chives for the flavor.

If you prefer hot, as simple as opting for a



with mushrooms:

you will have to grill the chicken and sauté some mushrooms.

Both are reduced to small pieces and added to the pan with cooking cream.

And from there to the tartlet.

A bit of grated cheese to crown, a few minutes in the oven to melt it, and serve.

The most original New Year's Eve appetizer recipes

A sure success are the

ham and mozzarella cheese rolls with mango

, to succeed yes or yes, and their preparation will not involve work.

Half a slice of ham is rolled around an elongated piece of mozzarella and placed on the mango cut into wedges.

In a bowl, mix a finely chopped clove of garlic and basil, and a splash of EVOO.

Once it is integrated, it is spread over the rolls.


stuffed mushrooms

, one of those appetizers that children always love.

Once clean (better with a cloth, so they don't leak water), fill with fried tomato, ham or chicken cubes, a pinch of oregano and grated cheese.

Baked at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes and you will see how delicious.

Another idea for a plate to be empty in less than five minutes are

breaded cheeses


You just have to follow the usual steps (coat them in breadcrumbs, pass them through beaten egg and again through the bread) and fry them until golden brown.

Remember to remove the excess oil with absorbent paper and ready to serve.

Place a bowl of tomato or strawberry jam next to it, and watch them disappear right away.

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