Hyogo Prefecture announced on the 31st that it was newly confirmed that three of the people who were confirmed to be infected with the new corona by the 30th were infected with the mutant virus "Omicron strain".

Two of them do not know the infection route, and the prefecture says that there is a high possibility of community-acquired infection.

According to the announcement by Hyogo Prefecture, two new females in their thirties and one male in their thirties who live in the prefecture have been newly confirmed to be infected with the "Omicron strain".

All three were mildly ill and had no history of traveling abroad, and the male was a close contact of one of the females, but the infection route of the two females was unknown, and Hyogo Prefecture said, "Possibility of community-acquired infection. Is expensive. "

In addition, the other three close contacts were negative as a result of the test.

A total of 6 people have been confirmed to be infected with the Omicron strain in Hyogo prefecture.

Governor Saito of Hyogo Prefecture said on the 30th that he was the first person in the prefecture to be infected with the Omicron strain. I would like to ask you to do so. "