As a result of experiments by groups such as the University of Tokyo on the severity of symptoms of the Omicron strain, a mutant virus of the new coronavirus, it was announced that the ability to cause symptoms may be weaker than that of conventional viruses.

The results of this experiment were presented on the Internet by a group of Associate Professor Yoshi Sato of the Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Tokyo and Professor Takasuke Fukuhara of the Graduate School of Medicine, Hokkaido University.

In the group, when cultured cells were infected with Omicron strain, Delta strain, and conventional new coronavirus, the infected cells were broken and became a mass with Delta strain and conventional virus, but in Omicron strain, such a mass is It means that I couldn't do it.

In addition, when each virus was infected with hamsters, weight loss, exacerbation of pneumonia, and bleeding in the lungs were observed with the Delta strain and conventional viruses, but there was no significant change in body weight with the Omicron strain. It means that the pneumonia did not get worse.

The group says that it is the result of experiments on animals, etc., and that the ability of the Omicron strain to cause symptoms may be weaker than that of the Delta strain.

Expert "It's not okay to be alert"

Professor Fukuhara said, "Although it was an experiment with a hamster, I was able to investigate the symptoms of the Omicron strain. Even with the Omicron strain, pneumonia does not disappear, and it is thought that some people will become more severe if the infection spreads, so be wary. It's not okay to solve it. "