As the caution against the mutant virus "Omicron strain" of the new corona is increasing, the inspection facilities in Tokyo, where you can receive inspections for free, are crowded with people who are about to return home.

Of these, at a private facility in Shinjuku Ward that normally supports testing for the new coronavirus, we started free PCR testing at the request of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government from the 25th of this month.

The free inspection is for people who do not have a reservation, and the peak was on the 29th, but many people visited for 30 days, and the facility is responding by increasing the number of staff.

The result is that you can check it on the internet that day.

At this facility, 30th is the last inspection day of the year, and the beginning of the year will resume on the 4th.

A man in his 40s who was trying to get an inspection locally but was filled with reservations said, "I came to get an inspection because I'm going home. I thought that all the inspection venues were full because it was the end of the year, but it was vacant. I'm glad that I can get the test for free, but I want you to know where you can get it right away. "

In addition, reservation-based inspection institutions support free inspections during the year-end and New Year holidays, but there are many facilities where reservations are already filled by the end of the year.

At some facilities, reservations are starting to fill up at the beginning of the year, and we would like you to check the reservation status on our website.