While community-acquired infection of the new corona virus, Omicron strain, has been confirmed in Tokyo, the hospital in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, is the third time that clinical laboratory engineers and emergency life-saving technicians who have received the necessary training target staff. I am vaccinated.

Regarding the vaccination of the new corona, the national government allows clinical laboratory technicians and paramedics to inoculate as a special case if the necessary doctors cannot be secured at the mass inoculation venue.

At "Tokyo Hikifune Hospital" in Sumida Ward, which has accepted patients up to moderate disease of the new Corona, on the 29th, a female clinical laboratory technician and a male paramedic who received the necessary training are staff members of the hospital. We performed the third vaccination for the target.

This time, the doctor was also supporting me, and the inoculation was done carefully.

The hospital says that if the infection spreads in the future, clinical laboratory technicians and paramedics will be vaccinated so that nurses can concentrate on dealing with corona patients.

The inoculated clinical laboratory engineer said, "I was very nervous because it was my first time. I hope it will be of some help when the infection spreads."

Kunihisa Miura, Deputy Director of Tokyo Hikifune Hospital, said, "When the sixth wave comes, it will be difficult to secure nurses, so I think that if a clinical laboratory engineer can be the bearer of inoculation, the tension can be alleviated as much as possible." I was talking.