Cinema: "The card counter", a thriller tinged with redemption

"The card counter", the latest film by New Hollywood veteran Paul Schrader, tells the story of a man without ties, who crisscrosses the United States from casino to casino.


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This Wednesday, December 29, the new thriller by American Paul Schrader,

The card counter

, is released in France


The story of a soldier, a veteran of Abu Ghraib, who became a professional card player.


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As always,

Paul Schrader

tells us a story of redemption


At 75 years old, this New Hollywood veteran, is known to the general public for his collaborations with Martin Scorsese, we owe him in particular the scenario of

Taxi Driver


He has also made twenty films and not the least.

What they have in common: a lonely and tortured hero, pursued by his past.

Here, Will Tell is a man without ties, who crisscrosses the United States from casino to casino.

The character is stingy with his words, earns just enough to avoid unwanted attention.

But his battlefield is elsewhere, in his head, haunted by the memory of the tortures he practiced.

A director who films time

A great cinephile, Paul Schrader likes to play with cinematographic genres, here with the thriller.

It does it at its own pace, metronomic, slow, a throbbing ticking like the sound, inaudible to the human ear, of a brain that counts the cards, waiting for the hour, the right moment, the right spark before the final explosion.

The director films time, and the slow build-up of anger, rage and bad vibes to create a sort of hallucinatory tension that has nowhere to go.


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