China News Service, December 28. According to the official Weibo news released by the Propaganda Department of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, in the early morning of December 28, the Jianye District of Nanjing City found a case of new crown during the routine nucleic acid test of the closed-loop management personnel of high-risk positions at the port. Viral nucleic acid mixed tube (1:5) tested positive for initial screening.

4 staff members and 1 truck driver from Nanjing Pilot Station of Yangtze River Pilot Center are involved (pilot station staff lives in the Tianhe Plaza Atour Hotel in Yuhuatai District and are “two points and one line” closed-loop management staff).

After review, one pilot was positive and was transferred to the Municipal Public Health Medical Center through a special ambulance for isolation treatment. The remaining four people (including the truck driver) were all negative and have been quarantined.

  At present, the relevant municipal and district departments have initiated emergency plans, and immediately adopted relevant measures to quickly carry out epidemiological investigations, nucleic acid testing, etc., conduct transfer and isolation of relevant contacts, and implement temporary control measures and disinfection of relevant places.

The follow-up situation will be announced to the public in time.