[Explanation] Outdoors in the snow and ice, indoor horse riding, the Golden Blood Racecourse, located in the suburbs of Altay City, Xinjiang, has welcomed a batch of young knights since its opening this winter. Many students have taken horseback riding as a characteristic sports course. Feel the joy of riding a horse indoors.

  [Explanation] The biggest feature of the indoor racecourse is that it breaks the season and space restrictions, and is not affected by the weather. It can be used all year round.

Recently, after the "warm-up" of the equestrian theory class, Zhang Jingjing, a student in Class 3 of the fourth grade of Altay No.2 Middle School, under the leadership of the coach, constantly "unlocked" equestrian skills from horse riding, horse riding to horse riding, which made her excited. .

  [Concurrent] Zhang Jingjing, student of Altay No. 2 Middle School

  This morning the teacher talked about equestrian lessons. I was looking forward to it. In the afternoon, I came to this racecourse and found that I was riding indoors. It was not so cold. Then, under the careful guidance of the coach, I mounted the horse and touched it. It, I think horses are really docile, and they are good friends of our human beings.

  [Explanation] The total construction area of ​​the Golden Blood Race Course in Altay City is about 1500 square meters, which can accommodate 30 students at the same time for equestrian lessons. At present, the Golden Blood Race Course in Altay City covers indoor and outdoor teaching venues, and training can be done all year round; The intensity has been increased from the original to ensure that 100 students learn equestrian lessons every day to 200 students a day learn equestrian lessons, and 18,000 primary and middle school students in Altay City can complete equestrian teaching work in one and a half years.

Since Altay City successfully launched the "Ten Thousands of Teenagers on Horseback" special physical education class in 2019, 8500 lessons of horseback riding have been taught so far.

  [Concurrent] Musha Hasen, General Manager of Altay Golden Blood Thoroughbred Horse Breeding Co., Ltd.

  Learning to ride a horse can increase the child’s self-confidence. In the process of riding, he does not understand the horse and slowly builds up feelings with the horse. At the end, the process of riding on the horse and speeding him is a very good achievement. feel.

For children, it can not only reduce the stress of schoolwork, but also exercise and strengthen their physical fitness.

  [Explanation] In recent years, Relying on the long history of horse breeding and strong horse culture, Altay City has incorporated equestrianism into the characteristic physical education curriculum of primary and secondary schools, and has become the first city in the country to use equestrianism as a characteristic physical education class for primary and secondary schools.

  [Explanation] In addition to local horses, the local area also imported Orlov horses, snow horses, Arabian horses and other high-quality horses from Poland, Hungary and other countries.

Equestrian classes have cultivated the physical and mental qualities of students. Through the classroom, students with potential can also be found, or they will provide reserve talents for inland equestrian clubs to achieve value growth.

  Zuo Dan Danyespori Alman reports from Altay, Xinjiang

Editor in charge: [Yu Xiao]