Following last week's House of Representatives, the House of Councilors also disclosed to the members of the Legal Committee a video showing the situation inside the facility over the death of a Sri Lankan woman who had been detained in the Immigration Bureau. it was done.

On the issue of the death of a Sri Lankan woman, Wishma Sandamari, who was held at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau, a video showing the woman's inside of the facility was disclosed to the members of the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives last week. Following that, on the 27th, the video was also disclosed to the directors of the Legal Committee of the House of Councilors.

The video is the same as the one disclosed in the House of Representatives, edited from the two weeks just before the death of the woman to about 6 hours and 30 minutes, excluding bedtime, and the members who watch the video take notes. Although it was acknowledged, recording and recording were prohibited.

At the board meeting that followed, questions were asked to the Immigration Bureau of Japan.

Chairman Yakura revealed to reporters his intention to consider future discussions on the ideal state of immigration facilities.

Liberal Democratic Party Mr. Shimizu "Staff politely respond"

Masato Shimizu of the Liberal Democratic Party, who serves as a director of the Legal Committee of the House of Councilors, said, "I carefully looked at whether there was a difference from the final report of the Immigration Bureau of Japan, but I recognized that there was no big difference, although there were minor differences. I was impressed that the staff of the Immigration Bureau responded politely. In the future, the ruling and opposition parties will discuss how to handle this issue by the committee. "

Mr. Arita, Ritsumin "Ignoring human dignity"

Yoshifu Arita of the Constitutional Democratic Party, who is the chief director of the opposition party in the Legal Committee of the House of Councilors, said, "It is unavoidable that this situation is pointed out as a'slow murder case'in a video that ignores human dignity." I felt. There are various places in the final report and video of the Immigration Control Agency, and I would like to request intensive deliberation. The diary of the facility staff will also be considered to be released if requested by the Diet. , Needs verification in the future. "