Menna Arafa: I refuse hugs and kisses, and people are happy with the news of my divorce

The young Egyptian artist, Menna Arafa, put red lines in front of producers and directors, stressing that she will not accept any artwork that includes scenes of kisses and hugs and will not allow any artist to "carry" them within the representative scenes, and said that these scenes can be presented in a way that "does not injure" the viewer's sense. She revealed her shock at the "people's joy" at the news of her divorce from Mahmoud al-Mahdi.

Menna Arafa's controversial statements were issued while she was a guest on the media, Nizar Al-Fares, accompanied by her husband, and she said, commenting on the recent crisis with the artist, Muhammad Najati: "I do not swear, embrace, or ambiguously, and do not do these things."

And she added: "It is all those who represent and embrace, I have red lines, who respects them completely. It is not surprising that he can see another colleague who accepts to do this, I am in my archive after a long time that he finds well, and the director or actor's cleverness is that he delivers the message without hurting feelings." viewer".

Menna Arafa answered the question of the media, Nizar Al-Faris, why did you marry a married man twice and he has children?, saying: "I am single, the first time I get married and I have a man who remains responsible for him, Mahmoud because I get married before that, so he has this experience. He knows how to deal with the six how."

And she added: "Mahmoud Aref means what responsibility, and the whole world is absolute, and if we launch in the future, this will be a share, not the reason that he was divorced before that."

Menna Arafa expressed her astonishment at the reactions she received after the news of her separation from her husband, Mahmoud al-Mahdi, and said: "I was imagining that people would rejoice for each other and make a mistake.

And she added, "Every time I post pictures, a percentage of people criticize me, and certainly people were happy when I heard the news of my divorce, and they were not happy, but this is about people who were making a bet that we would go and they really rejoiced in us."

It is reported that Menna Arafa announced her return to her husband’s infallibility a few days after the separation, and admitted that she made a mistake by sharing with everyone the details of her private life, and Menna said through the Story feature on her Instagram account: “One of the most difficult moments that can be transgressed is the moment of separation and the ruin of the house, the divorce shakes him.” The Throne of the Most Merciful, but you can hear about homes that are being destroyed every minute, so I hate the lawful for God by asking you a joke or something you laugh at, a bet you make together that we will not complete, or raw material to gloat about us.

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