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cold wave warnings in effect in central and northern Gyeongsang Province, this morning (26th) recorded the coldest this winter.

The sub-zero cold will continue, and heavy snow will fall on the west coast.

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whole country froze as a cold air flowed in from the northwest.

This morning, once again, we recorded the coldest this winter. The temperature in Seoul dropped to minus 15.5 degrees Celsius, Paju to minus 18.7 degrees, and even the east coast, where the temperature rarely drops significantly, recorded a cold wave below minus 10 degrees.

The temperature will not rise significantly for the time being.

During the daytime too, the chilly air will flow in, and the highest temperature in Seoul will stay at -7 degrees below zero.

In the cold, heavy snow falls on the west coast.

Heavy snow warnings and advisories have been issued for the west coast of Honam and Jeju Island, where strong snow is currently pouring.

The snow will all stop tomorrow morning, but the sub-zero cold will continue for a while.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)