Sarah Maldoror, pioneer of African cinema

Bildtjanst-H, Nicolaisen, portrait of Sarah Maldoror, b & w photography, sd, courtesy Anouchka de Andrade and Henda Ducados.

© Palais de Tokyo

By: Valérie Nivelon

1 min

Cinema is an art, it is part of the history of the present time, tells us Sarah Maldoror, the first African filmmaker whose anti-racist and decolonial work is presented at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.


Sarah Maldoror: tricontinental cinema

, this exhibition is the first retrospective devoted to the artist's films but also to his theatrical, fiction and documentary work ... A poetic and political work anchored in the time and life of Sarah Maldoror, from the years 1950 and the liberation struggles of the three colonized continents, Africa, Asia and Latin America. 


French, Sarah Maldoror was born in 1926 in the southwest of France to a Guadeloupe father and a Gers mother.

She died in 2020 from Covid-19.

Without God or master, Sarah Maldoror chose her artist name, her mode of expression and her fight.

To discover:

the Sarah Maldoror exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris 


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