On December 23, the first cross-railway swivel bridge of Hezhou-Bama Expressway in Guangxi, undertaken by China Railway First Bureau-Xinjiatian Railway Overpass Extra Large Bridge, crossed the swivel T-structure of the Xiang-Gui Railway and slowly turned over the Xiang-Gui Railway. Accurately positioned, successfully completed the 90°rotating construction task.

Since then, another major node project of the Heba Expressway (Laibin-Du'an section) has been successfully completed, laying the foundation for the entire line.

According to reports, the Heba Expressway traverses central Guangxi from east to west, passing through Jinxiu, Duan, Dahua, and Bama Yao Autonomous Counties, connecting four of the six Yao Autonomous counties in Guangxi. It is expected to be fully opened to traffic at the end of 2023. , Drove the "take-off" of Yaoxiang in Guangxi.

(Produced by Zhang Tejun, Sun Zhuo and Zhang Changliang, Li Jiali)

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