As the end of the year is approaching, what are the emotional moments and unforgettable words that can represent the younger generation's 2021?

Recently, the Quark App and the Internet Information Research Institute of Communication University of China jointly released the "China Generation Z Intelligent Information Global Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Research Report"), showing that the "personal" and diverse young people born in 1995 refuse to lie flat. "Youth for exam preparation", "chasing drama" inherits the feelings of family and country, and demonstrates social responsibility and cultural self-confidence in anti-epidemic, anti-fraud, and national tide.

  The centenary of the founding of the party, the Olympics, China Aerospace, youth preparing for exams, breaking prevention, YYDS, vaccination, national anti-fraud, national trends and national trends... These keywords are the annual memories of millions of young people.


  Preparation for youth, break defense, YYDS

  Statistics show that in 2021, 2.12 million people registered for the National Civil Service Examination, 4.62 million people registered for the postgraduate entrance examination, and 710,000 people registered for the legal professional qualification examination, all setting new records.

Level 4 and 6 exams, teacher qualification exams, etc. are also frequently listed in hot searches.

  Actively preparing for the exam, the "test-preparing youth" of the Z generation has become a phenomenon-level annual topic crowd.

According to the "Research Report", the young people preparing for exams in a narrow sense refer to students and young professionals who are preparing for exams. In a broad sense, they refer to young people who are positive, chasing dreams, breaking through themselves, and seriously meeting various life challenges.

  The data shows that test preparation strategies, bonus points policy, selection of students, and scoring system are the key words of young people preparing for the test; the functions of college entrance examination, online disk, translation, documents, scanning files, and text extraction on the App are their test preparation artifacts. , The youth preparing for the exam is an action group who breaks the internal scrolls and refuses to lie flat.

  "The'test' is a way for young people to verify their knowledge and skills, advance their academic qualifications, and open up new areas of scientific research and the workplace. It supports the interaction between young people and the world." Cao Sansheng, Vice Dean of the Internet Information Research Institute of Communication University of China It is believed that the formation of young people preparing for exams has the background of the current era.

  "The end of the universe is the public examination", "World War I lays foundations, World War II 985, Three World Wars Qing Bei Fu, Four World War Propositions"... These ridiculous quotations have become a unique circle culture, and passed the postgraduate entrance examination and the public examination. "Going ashore" also reflects the current career preferences of the younger generation.

  Correspondingly, generation Z internet buzzwords, such as Break Defense, YYDS, and Unstoppable, carry the abundant emotions and attitudes of young people.

  Home country feelings:

  Centennial Party, Olympic Games, China Aerospace

  This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, and hot searches related to the great party founding spirit run through the whole year.

Film and television works with the main themes such as "Awakening Age" and "Revolutionary" are sought after by young people.

  Statistics show that Gen Z will look for red travel routes, follow dramas to learn about party history, search for the prototype characters, actors, quotations, wallpapers, emojis, etc. of "Awakening Age", feeling the "faith" appeal of the revolutionary ancestors and absorbing the spirit Strength and growth nutrients.

  At the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese Olympic athletes gained a lot of Gen Z fans.

They used a unique way for young people to chase after Yang Qian issued a small yellow duck, Yang Shuyu mobile phone case, and Chen Meng's table tennis necklace. They produced expression packs for Xu Xin, Wu Jing, and Su Bingtian to make calls for Chinese athletes.

  This year is a bumper year for China's aerospace industry. "Tianwen No. 1", "Shenzhou No. 12" and "Space Trip Trio" have repeatedly appeared on quark hot searches.

Gen Z searched for knowledge points such as "How powerful is Zhurong" and "Aerospace world call black technology". Chinese astronauts are the models of the times they admire.

  The "Research Report" pointed out that stronger self-confidence of the times has triggered a strong return of family and country feelings in this generation of young people.

The Chinese generation Z crowd pays attention to national affairs in a "drama chasing style", making calls for revolutionary ancestors, Olympic athletes, and space heroes, projecting national pride and admiration for heroes.

  Social charge:

  Vaccination, National Anti-fraud, National Trend and National Trend

  This year, fighting the epidemic and vaccinating have become the mainstream narrative of the whole society.

According to the "Research Report", young people search for popular science knowledge such as "Vaccination Record Inquiry", "Vaccine Types", and "Second Injection Interval", and Gen Z will take the initiative to publish the "Precautions for Vaccination" and "Pandemic Travel Policy". Information is widely shared.

  It is understood that around the theme of national anti-fraud, Quark App monitors a library of millions of fraudulent websites, and provides hundreds of thousands of network security tips every day.

Among them, knowledge content such as "common types of telecommunications network fraud", "how to recover funds lost in telecommunications fraud", and "standards for telecommunications fraud cases" have been shared over ten million times.

  At the same time, the patriotism of the country represents the consumption choices and aesthetic attitudes of young people.

Wonderful tour programs, Sanxingdui cultural relics, Hanfu, Chinese time-honored brands, traditional festivals, national tide brands and other content have become popular searches for post-95 generations.

“Young people are not only practitioners of social events, but also promoters of influencing others, conveying social temperature and positive energy, and demonstrating a kind of cultural self-confidence.” Cao Sansheng said.

  The "Research Report" pointed out that Gen Z in China prefer minimal, efficient, and full-media intelligent information products, hot search for resources, knowledge, and skills, and one-stop service is a deep, high-frequency, and long-term rigid demand.

Quark App product leader Zheng Sishou revealed that the use of AI tools continues to rise, and the ever-expanding application scenarios, as well as personal cloud services, are becoming a new rigid demand for young people to solve problems and expand digital assets.

  Text/Reporter Chen Si