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Juanma Castaño

has spoken in an interview about

Verónica Forqué

and her time at

MasterChef Celebrity 6



Monday, December 20, the

winner of the culinary talent show of

La 1

visited the studios of the radio program

El món a RAC1

, hosted by

Jordi Basté


There he confirmed that the actress

infected him with the coronavirus

during the contest.

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The Asturian wanted to address the commented speech that the interpreter gave when he reappeared in the format to announce his final abandonment, saying: "

I can't take it anymore


After hearing her statements again in the semifinal, he indicated: "That testimony was true, but it is that

Verónica left the Covid

... Let us make it clear that at the time of this testimony she no longer had it."

The sportscaster admitted that


was infected in Tenerife, where they recorded an outdoor test, and did not want it to be known.



had to stop for a time for this reason.


shared: "I think I have the moral authority to speak in the first person about what happened, because I was there.

Verónica Forqué hit me with the Covid

and the



stopped those two weeks in July."

Later he recalled that many people had linked the actress's words to depression and mental health problems.

"I don't get into those opinions, but there


the fatigue she was and how dusted she was was because three people from the program had just left the Covid: her,

Miki Nadal

and me. The recordings were stopped and we returned after testing negative ", he exposed.

The winner of the format pointed out about the abandonment of his partner: "


said she couldn't because she was devastated by the Covid, like I was and



. I started recording without smell and taste. And I told them 'it's that no I can cook, I just don't know if things are bland or salty. 'But


is here referring to the fatigue that the Covid had caused her. "

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His farewell on Instagram

Last Monday, December 13,

Juanma Castaño

uploaded a publication to


with several images of him and

Verónica Forqué


MasterChef Celebrity 6


He wrote after learning of the death of the interpreter: "

We are broken

. One of the most beautiful and special people I have ever met in my life."

"Thank you,


: you made me laugh, scream, reflect and almost cry. In this difficult moment, a hug to her family and closest friends. We say goodbye to an incredible actress, an unrepeatable character, the


. There will be no other like it ", he finished.

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His appearance in MasterChef Junior 9

Juanma Castaño


Miki Nadal

appeared in the first installment of

MasterChef Junior 9

, broadcast on Monday, December 20 on

La 1


The two winners of

MasterChef Celebrity 6

visited the kitchens together with

Aurora Ruiz

, winner of

MasterChef Junior 8

, during the last test of the night.

The sportscaster spoke with


, an aspirant who is of Asturian origin, just like him.

"You have the face of being from


... Milongas are not worth here. As long as you don't win, don't go back to Gijón," he said with humor.

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