On the evening of December 17, at the kick-off site of Northwest Normal University’s 120th Anniversary, a huge Chinese painting "Dunhuang Impression Silk Road Rainbow Neon" attracted everyone’s attention. The scroll was 34 meters long and 1.4 meters high, recreating the Silk Road. The ancient road is full of majestic and prosperous scenes.

This scroll was donated by painter and honorary chairman of Gansu Artists Association Mo Jiancheng for the 120th anniversary of Northwest Normal University. The scroll was created by him and written by Wang Xiaoyong, vice chairman of Gansu Artists Association and an outstanding alumni of Northwest Normal University, in Gansu Province 10 More than young and middle-aged painters participated, and it took 2 years to complete the creation.

(Reporter Liu Yutao produced Wu Rui)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】