Symptoms of the mutant omicron .. a sign that appears when you are asleep

With the high incidence of the Omicron mutant of the Corona virus in several countries, especially Britain, doctors revealed the main symptoms experienced by patients who develop the iron mutant, including a sign that appears during sleep, which is night sweats.

Dr Amir Khan said doctors from South Africa - the country where the mutant was first discovered - had found that patients with Omicron had night sweats while they slept, Wells Online reports.

And a British study had revealed yesterday that from

Symptoms of mutant omicron .. a sign that appears when eating,

which is the loss of the famous.

Symptoms of mutant omicron

"Mirror" quoted the doctor, Amir Khan, as saying that the patients also suffered from body aches, fatigue, fever, dry cough and night sweats.

As for the other strains of the Corona virus, its symptoms are high temperature and persistent cough, as well as loss or change of the sense of smell or taste, which differentiates it from the symptoms of a mutant or micron.

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