“Next week will be marked by cold weather.

The minimum temperature tomorrow night is -6 ... -8 ° С in Moscow, in the region up to -10 ° С.

The daytime temperature will be the same -6 ... -8 ° С, and by the evening it will drop to -12 ° С.

Quite dense northwestern wind with a force of 7-12 m / s, "- said the forecaster.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, according to her, no significant precipitation is expected, frosts will intensify.

On December 21 in Moscow it will be -18 ... -20 ° С, in the region -17 ... -22 ° С.

“However, on the positive side, the northwest wind will begin to subside.

Wednesday will be the coldest day, cloudy with clearings and no significant precipitation.

The minimum night temperature in Moscow is -23 ... -25 ° С, in the region up to -28 ° С.

During the day it is expected -18 ... -20 ° С, and in the region up to -23 ° С, ”Pozdnyakova pointed out.

She noted that from Thursday "the temperature regime will begin to change."

“The temperature will gradually rise.

Significant precipitation is also not expected.

On Thursday night -18 ... -20 ° С, in the afternoon -15 ... -20 ° С.

On Friday nights in Moscow -15 ... -20 ° С, and during the day -10 ... -15 ° С.

In the middle of the week, the temperature will be almost 10 ° C below the climatic norm.

And then it will remain below the norm, but the negative anomalies will no longer be so significant, ”Pozdnyakova added.

Earlier, Yevgeny Tishkovets, a leading employee of the Phobos weather center, predicted heavy rainfall in Moscow in the coming week.