[Explanation] As one of the important activities of the 13th Straits Forum, the Cross-Strait Think Tank Forum opened in Fuzhou on December 18.

The theme of this forum is "Roots and the future keep watch together-culture promotes think tanks first". Nearly 100 cross-strait experts, scholars and people from all walks of life participated in dialogues and exchanges online and offline.

  [Explanation] At the forum that day, the guests at the meeting focused on "the current dilemma and way out of cross-strait cultural exchanges", "further deepen the opportunities and challenges of cross-strait cultural industry integration and development", "cross-strait youths' responsibility and practical exploration in inheriting and carrying forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture" "New Opportunities and New Paths for Youth on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait under the Rural Revitalization Strategy" and other topics, offer suggestions and exchange ideas.

  [Explanation] Experts and scholars believe that in recent years, cross-strait cultural exchanges and cooperation have continued to advance. It is necessary to unremittingly deepen cross-strait cultural exchanges, enhance the feelings of compatriots on both sides of the strait, dissolve barriers between each other, strengthen spiritual communication, and promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.

  [Concurrent] Li Peng, Dean of Taiwan Research Institute, Xiamen University

  Fujian is now in the process of advancing cross-strait integration and development. Not only does it have economic society, I think it is more important and more important is the cultural field, because to a certain extent, culture involves the emotions of the people on both sides of the strait, especially in relation to Taiwan’s exchanges and cooperation in this cultural industry can allow Taiwan compatriots to come to Fujian and gain tangible benefits from the mainland. It is not only a part of cross-strait economic exchanges, but also a part of cross-strait cultural exchanges, and it can also achieve benefits. A goal of facilitating financing.

  [Concurrent] Sheng Jiuyuan, Director of Taiwan Studies Center, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

  How to open up this context, how to make the two sides of the strait have a common cultural foundation, and how to make the two sides of the strait have a common understanding of Chinese culture? I think this is the most important foundation for achieving cross-strait reunification or cross-strait peaceful development.

For example, we jointly compile history books, organize Chinese cultural classics, and jointly launch some cross-strait textbooks on Chinese culture. I think this is a direction that we can continue to work hard on.

For example, in terms of the accumulation of Chinese culture, of course the mainland is the deepest, because the roots of Chinese culture are in the mainland, but Taiwan has a lot of experience in the internationalization of Chinese culture promotion, so how can we form a better complementarity between the two sides of the strait .

  [Explanation] At the same time, the forum also held the premiere of the documentary "My Family's Cross-Strait Story", the completion ceremony of the translation project of "General History of Taiwan" and other exchange projects with Taiwan to showcase the new achievements of Fujian's cultural exchanges with Taiwan.

  [Concurrent] Cai Lihua, Secretary-General of Fujian-Taiwan History and Culture Research Institute

  I hope that the young people in Taiwan and our young people can learn more about our history and the culture of our motherland, so that this culture can be planted in their hearts and passed on from generation to generation.

  [Concurrent] Sheng Jiuyuan, Director of Taiwan Studies Center, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

  To express the "General History of Taiwan" in more forms and in the form of new media, I think this is the beginning. On this basis, we can do more work to make the cultural exchanges between the two sides of the strait more lively and more popular. Easy to understand and more acceptable to young people.

  [Explanation] The reporter learned that this cross-strait think tank forum is co-sponsored by many think tank institutions on both sides of the strait, such as the Fujian Provincial People’s Government Development Research Center, Fujian Academy of Social Sciences, Taiwan Competitiveness Forum Society, Taiwan Sun Wennan Institute, Taiwan Huaxia Creative Culture Exchange Association and other think tank institutions. Jointly hosted by the Fujian-Taiwan History and Culture Research Institute and the Modern Taiwan Research Institute of the Fujian Academy of Social Sciences.

As an important event of the Strait Forum, the Cross-Strait Think Tank Forum is a high-end platform dedicated to the exchange of ideas, theoretical discussions, knowledge sharing and advice and suggestions for think tanks on both sides of the Strait. The key points, difficulties, and hot issues of the relationship were discussed and exchanged in depth, and positive results were achieved.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】