Today (the 17th), you have to dress well again.

The temperature has dropped sharply and there is a snow forecast.

Contact the Weather Center to find out more about the weather.

Ahn Su-jin Caster, please tell me.


As a strong chill came down, the cold came again today.

A cold wave warning has already been issued in Seoul, some Gyeonggi and Gangwon regions, where the cold air hits first, and the temperature in Seoul is currently minus 3.1 degrees Celsius, about 8 degrees lower than the same time yesterday.

Here, because of the wind, the actual cold felt on the street went down to -10 degrees below zero.

You should come out wearing warm clothes today.

Even during the daytime, the temperature in the central region will remain below freezing and it will be cold.

Tomorrow, the morning temperature in Seoul will plunge to -10 degrees below zero, and the cold will reach its peak, and this cold will not subside until next week.

As the cold air passes through the relatively warm West Sea, rain or snow clouds will form mainly in the western region, but it will be particularly concentrated during the daytime, and there is a possibility that up to 15 cm of snow may fall and accumulate in the Honam region.

A strong wind advisory has been issued for the coast, and the air on the east coast of Gangwon is very dry.

Tomorrow, snow will also fall in the central and western regions, including Seoul.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)