• Tom Holland and Zendaya are back for "Spider-Man: No Way Home".

  • Their complicity is evident on the screen as during the interview granted to "20 Minutes".

  • In the film, the two performers face an impressive gallery of villains.

Peter Parker and MJ Wilson in person, as Tom Holland and Zendaya.

While they have confirmed their relationship to the city, the two lovebirds also matched well on screen in 

Jon Watts'

Spider-Man: No Way Home

, where their mission is to counter new super villains as charismatic as they are dangerous.

Face to face with 

20 Minutes

, Tom Holland and Zendaya were as happy as they were accomplices.

“It was great to be able to respond to actors like Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina or Willem Dafoe who are reprising their roles as villains,” says Tom Holland.

The latter put Spider-Man to the test while Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is on the lookout to try to restore the situation.

His Spider-Man

"The best part of the shoot was to see you play in front of them," Zendaya admits, forgetting for a moment the presence of

20 Minutes

and addressing her partner. You are my Superman! The two young people have clearly established an incredible chemistry between them which is communicated in the film. “In fact, we hate each other, but we are great actors,” laughs Tom Holland. Finding their characters has not always been easy. "When you play a role for six years, you know it well, but you have a responsibility to carry it from story to story whatever the different scenarios and directors", he insists.

The temporality was not always obvious for the duo.

“Taking a scene we shot in the previous installment and finishing it two or three years later was strange,” Zendaya confirms.

We really had to pick up the action where it left off.

We felt like we were jumping in time because our lives had run their course when the film hadn't moved forward.


Happiness and success

Both are well aware of how important Marvel is to their lives.

“We're lucky to be part of this universe,” Zendaya admits.

“I owe a lot to Spider-Man who brought me so many joys and successes in my life,” says Tom Holland, “but I'll be ready to proudly pass the baton on to the next person.

I will be proud of what we have done.

When the time comes, we want Spidey and his girlfriend MJ to find new incarnations as likeable as these two!

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