Today (13th) morning was the coldest this winter. The whole country has seen sub-zero cold, but the wind will be fierce even during the day. For detailed weather conditions and forecasts, we will connect with the Meteorological Center.

Please tell me, caster Taebin.

<Caster> The

bitter cold of midwinter came in one day.

Although it has been lifted now, cold wave advisories were once issued all over Gangwon and south of Chungcheong. If you look at the temperature this morning, Seoul recorded minus 5.9 degrees, Cheorwon recorded minus 10 degrees, Jeonju-do minus 3.2 degrees, and Daegu minus 3.6 degrees. It was completely frozen to below freezing.

Although the temperature rises during the day, it will rise slowly.

The temperature in Seoul is expected to be 3 degrees above zero, but the actual perceived temperature is expected to barely exceed the freezing point due to the sharp wind.

This surprise cold wave will soften for a while in the middle of the week.

However, as soon as the barometer changes again, the chill will go south, and accordingly, severe cold will come again in the second half of the week.

Because of the jagged temperature change, you need to manage your immunity even better.

Currently, the skies across the country are clear, and the air quality itself is clean instead of the cold.

It will rain lightly and sporadically only on Jeju Island today, and the inland sky will be clear all day.

Beware of strong winds in coastal areas.

The daytime maximum temperature is 3 degrees in Seoul, 5 degrees in Daejeon, and 8 degrees in Busan, although it will rise compared to the morning, but it will be lower than yesterday.

It will rain in the central provinces on Wednesday and in the south on Thursday, and the weekend will be colder than today.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)