China News Service, Hangzhou, December 12 (Qian Chenfei) Recently, local epidemics of new crown pneumonia have appeared in many places in Zhejiang.

In order to block the spread of the epidemic and effectively curb the spread and spread of the epidemic, on the 11th, the province upgraded control measures in many places to further build a safety net for epidemic prevention and control.

  According to the latest news from the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Zhejiang Province on the 11th, since December 5, as of 15:00 today, a total of 60 confirmed cases and 38 asymptomatic infections have been reported in Ningbo, Shaoxing, and Hangzhou, Zhejiang. .

Among them, Ningbo has reported a total of 26 confirmed cases and 11 asymptomatic infections; Shaoxing has reported a total of 30 confirmed cases and 18 asymptomatic infections; Hangzhou has reported a total of 4 confirmed cases and 9 asymptomatic infections.

  Prior to this, Ningbo had initiated the first-level emergency response for epidemic prevention and control at 2 o'clock on the 7th, and schools in the entire district of Zhenhai District of the city began online teaching on the 8th.

On the 8th, the epidemic prevention and control in Shangyu District, Shaoxing City was upgraded to Level I emergency response.

On the 9th, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, launched a Class I emergency response for epidemic prevention and control.

On the 9th, Hangzhou issued the “Notice on the Implementation of Restrictive Measures for Public Activities in Some Areas of Hangzhou”, proposing that the eight urban areas of the city should shut down chess and card rooms, bars, KTV, mahjong rooms, board game rooms, swimming pools, and other indoor closed public areas. Places and other content.

  In response to the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, cities in Zhejiang that have experienced local epidemics on the 11th have stepped up prevention and control efforts.

  On the same day, Shangyu District of Shaoxing City issued a notice that from 13:00 on that day, all entrances and exits such as expressways, national and provincial highways, county and township roads, village (community) roads, stations, and waterways will be completely closed and controlled from 13:00 on that day.

During the lock-up period, all vehicles and personnel are prohibited from entering or exiting the Shangyu area except for vehicles and personnel that are necessary for national economy and people's livelihood, epidemic prevention and control, and emergency rescue.

  In Hangzhou, the Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau issued a notice on the 11th to strictly prevent and control the epidemic situation of elderly care service institutions and implement closed management in elderly care institutions.

Many museums in Hangzhou have also issued notices. Among them, Hangzhou Museum adopts online time-based appointments, suspending manual explanation services and all offline social education activities; China Fan Museum will be closed from 13:00 on the 11th.

  In order to build a dense epidemic prevention and control network, Zhejiang Jiaxing, Taizhou and other places have also upgraded their control measures.

The Jiaxing New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group issued a notice on strengthening the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on the 11th, stipulating strict control of various gathering activities, and suspending large-scale conferences, sports events, celebrations, exhibitions, annual meetings, Lectures, training, recruitment and other gathering activities, chess and card rooms, bars, KTV, mahjong room, board game room, swimming pool, foot bath shop, moxibustion hall and other indoor airtight public places are suspended.

  Taizhou, Zhejiang, issued the full implementation of the "ten strict" epidemic prevention and control measures on the same day, which involved stricter control of confined places, stricter management of key locations, stricter control of gathering activities, and stricter management of outings.

  The city has made it clear that bars, KTVs, mahjong halls, chess and card rooms, bathing centers, foot bath shops, SPA halls, moxibustion halls, script killers, board games rooms, Internet cafes, etc. will be temporarily suspended; strictly control the number of guests in various restaurants such as hotels. Dining personnel shall not exceed 70% of the carrying capacity, and the space between tables in the hall shall not be less than 1 meter; the number of receptions in public places such as libraries, art galleries, museums, cinemas, theaters, etc. shall not exceed 50% of the approved number.