• How to avoid gaining weight at Christmas?

    With this fat burning routine

Christmas is the time of year when kitchens are once again filled with that essence that emerges in our memory with the smells and


from when we were little.

And Grandma's chestnut cake is one of them.

Take your time.

This cake

deserves your attention

and, if you make it accompanied by the people who make your life a little better, it will be even more appetizing.

The result of making this cake and then enjoying it becomes an unavoidable date at Christmas.

And in these, it's up to you to do it.

How to make my grandmother's chestnut cake

The chestnut cake is a



, with a pleasant consistency and controlled sweetness.

Make these holidays an unavoidable date with nostalgia and dare with the same recipe that your grandmother made.

The best accompaniment to this cake is a

hot drink


Chocolate, tea or coffee will make a delicious combination, as well as any fruit liqueur.

Ingredients for 6 people

  • Chestnuts 750 g

  • Butter 100 g

  • Milk 500 ml

  • Eggs 6

  • Sugar 150 g

  • Sugar to make the caramel 60 g


  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Total time 45 m

  • Elaboration 15 m

  • Cooking 30 m

Make a


in the pan by heating 3 tablespoons of sugar sprinkled with a few drops of water.

As soon as the caramel begins to toast, pour it into a

tart tin

and cover the bottom well, stirring the tin so that it spreads.

Cook the chestnuts for

five minutes,

giving them a cut so that they can be peeled.

Peel it off patiently and remove the inner cuticle and leave it clean.

This is important, otherwise it would not be so tasty to eat.

Put the peeled chestnuts to cook in the milk until they are soft.

Blend the chestnuts and milk, mixing them with the


, all with the help of the hand mixer.

In a bowl, mix the sugar with the egg yolks, beating until white.

Add the cooked chestnut cream and mix well.

Beat the whites aside until stiff and add to the bowl with enveloping movements.

Fill the caramelized mold and bake in a double boiler in the oven for

30 minutes


Use a toothpick to check that it comes out clean, which will indicate that it is cooked.

Let cool and unmold carefully, turning the cake so that the caramel part is on top.

Garnish with chestnuts in syrup and serve.

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