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"The princess is sad ...

What will the princess have?"

It is not necessary to be a specialist to find the reasons that

Rubén Darío was

looking for in his


to explain why

crowned heads

can become afflicted heads, how palaces can

wither youth

and purple hide the darkest omens.

Charlene from Monaco

could well do it


withdrawn from the world in a Swiss clinic to try to make sense of her life beyond protocol.

She is the latest victim of

the epidemic of unhappiness

that in these times is spreading more virulence than the Covid and that has always found in the royals an ideal environment in which to grow and multiply.

Empress Masako has been through years and years of depression.

What if we put ourselves in the shoes of the royals?

Vanesa Fernández,

doctor in psychology and expert in psychopathology of emotions, proposes an imaginary impersonation of the personality to

perceive the weight of the crown.

Let's say you start the day with

a strict work schedule

that is to be overseen by several million people who are enthusiastic about




amateur critics


and professionals of a style demanded by the position, although often foreign to your tastes.

Each gesture becomes a

revealing speech;

every word, in a test of his competence, of his responsibility, of his obedience to

the duties imposed.

Examined every day by the media

as a couple, as a mother,

as a committed, loyal and discreet woman.

But without the right to reply.

Stoicism is the quality that is valued the most, because

there is no understanding for the breakdown

of the spirit, for the weakness or for the conflict.

Not for heartbreak.

If necessary, a broken coexistence is supported;

if need be, you give up starting over because

scandal is more fearsome than emptiness

or loneliness.

And so the years can go by, knowing that this sentence will be life-long.

Victoria from Sweden has struggled with eating disorders for years.

The saddest royals

There should be a clinic just for queens and princesses, a haven to share experiences in group therapy where, for example, Charlene could open up about how much she

misses her

South African


and her home country, and how jaded she is with the rumors that make their marriage

a house threatened with ruin

by alleged lovers.

Along with her,


empress of Japan, would talk about her resignation from being a prestigious diplomat to undergo a

suffocating protocol

that has led her to a

chronic depression

for fifteen years.

Meghan Markle

would feel covered there when she exposed what the harassment of the press and her in-laws means, and the temptation to


Perhaps among the illustrious patients was

Princess Astrid,

sister of the King of Belgium, with an intense institutional agenda until in September she left public life by surprise to

seclude herself in strange isolation.

Victoria from Sweden would

explain her fight against eating disorders, and

Mette-Marit from Norway

the challenge for

a commoner

to become part of the royal scene: “There are some periods in life when I still cannot think without vomiting because They have been very hard, with a lot of pressure, "he acknowledged in an interview.

Meghan Markle seems happier in America, away from the British royal family.

The challenges of princesses and queens

"The first challenge these women face is

the perception of others,"

explains Vanesa Fernández. They are in a context where

there is no room for error.

They must meet

unattainable goals

and that can make them feel helpless and frustrated, which is often the

prelude to depression.

"They annul their judgment, they

must silence their opinions,

and that diminishes their personality until it nullifies them. The problem is aggravated if you join

a club to which you do not originally belong,

because the adaptation supposes a total break with your life above, causing a disturbing sense of loss.


is also a constant threat as their commitments separate them from their families and their partner. You must have

a mature and strong personality,

and the unconditional support of your loved ones, to survive such a demand ", sums up the psychologist.

With these precedents, it would be convenient that the following royal generations had the foresight of

Catalina Amalia,

heir to the Dutch throne, who has recognized that since she was a teenager she

goes to the psychologist

when circumstances overwhelm her.

Perhaps it is that

the best boss

in any royal household should be

a good therapist.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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