Today (13th), the morning of the strong cold has arrived.

It is said that the temperature has dropped the most this winter, so let's see how cold it is today and how long it will last.

Please pass on Caster Ahn Su-jin.

<Caster> It

's not unusually cold today.

As the northwest wind brings a strong cold, it is showing the lowest temperature this winter.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul has plunged to minus 5.6 degrees, Paju to minus 9.2 degrees, and Jecheon to minus 9.1 degrees.

The cold wind you feel on the street is even worse than this with the addition of a sharp wind, so you need to pay special attention to keeping warm with gloves and a scarf.

In the daytime, the temperature will point to the freezing zone, but there will be places where the sensation will drop to sub-zero zone.

The cold will slow down for a while as the wind changes direction again tomorrow, but it will come again from the second half of the week.

The skies across the country will be mostly clear today, and the air will be clean as the wind pushes away the dust.

There are times when it rains or snows in the Jeju area, and a storm warning has been issued for all seas, so those who use the sea route should be careful.

Rain is expected mainly in the Midwest on Wednesday and in the South on Thursday.