The event had thrilled animal lovers for many weeks.

Four months after their birth, the panda twins of Beauval ZooParc, Huanlili and Yuandudu, for the first time on Saturday met visitors who have sometimes come from far away for this event.

“We are fans.

It was unimaginable not to be there.

We have reserved a room a long time ago to be the first, ”explained Véronique, who came from Bordeaux who, for the occasion, was dressed from head to toe in the effigy of plantigrades: mask, sweatshirt, scarf, pants and even shoes!

"With their large black spots around the eyes, I find these animals endearing and endearing," she says.

“As soon as I knew the date, I booked accommodation in the region.

I am a fan.

They have a lunar side, a look, sometimes human gestures.

They have a carnivorous digestive system, but they eat bamboo.

In short, pandas are extraordinary, ”explains Agathe Boucher, who came from Montpellier.

"The panda is the emblem of conservation"

Behind large bay windows, admiring visitors were able to observe the binoculars evolve, take their first steps. Small steps that are sometimes uncertain, which give rise to a few "cascades", "somersaults". For Baptiste Mulot, veterinary manager at ZooParc, based in Saint-Aignan, “it's an important day because visitors are Beauval's life”. “Females are able to move around on their own. They explore, discover their environment, ”he comments.

“The panda is the emblem of conservation. It was the emblem of the WWF for a very long time, recalls the veterinarian. It is the symbol of endangered species and conservation work ”. “The twins are doing very well. They weigh around 7.4 kg. They take the mother's milk (Huan Huan, a female panda loaned by China) several times a day as well as a complementary bottle, ”he explains. The baby pandas, which were "in the high range", according to the veterinarian, weighed less than 150 grams at birth.

Born on August 2 at the ZooParc, the two pandas are sponsored by French footballer Kylian Mbappé and Chinese Olympic champion Zhang Jiaqi, gold medalist in Tokyo in synchronized diving.

Baby names are traditionally Chinese names chosen by the First Lady of China, Peng Liyuan.

There, it is the French public who, for the first time, chose them through an Internet vote in which more than 122,000 people participated.

A palette of ten Chinese names, previously selected by the Chinese Association of Zoological Parks, had been put to the vote.


Are zoos useful?


Kylian Mbappé will be the godfather of one of the two baby pandas born at the Beauval zoo

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