Sumida Ward, Tokyo, is preparing to implement the third inoculation of the new corona vaccine for the elderly, etc. ahead of schedule while observing the government's response.

The third vaccination is intended for people who are more than eight months old in principle after the second vaccination, but Prime Minister Kishida has stated earlier that he intends to shorten the interval from the second vaccination as much as possible.

Regarding this, Toru Yamamoto, Mayor of Sumida Ward, Tokyo, said at a press conference on the 10th that he would prepare for an advance inoculation while observing the government's response.

Specifically, regarding inoculation of elderly people in the ward, preparations will be made so that inoculation at the elderly facility will start in mid-December and a mass inoculation venue using a moderna vaccine will be opened in mid-January. It means that we are proceeding.

And if the target to shorten the interval with the second time is decided and it is possible to advance the inoculation, which the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare wants to show immediately, the inoculation will be promptly advanced and the elderly people aged 65 and over who have a relatively high risk of aggravation. It means that all applicants can be inoculated by mid-February.

On the other hand, at the press conference on the 10th, it was explained that in order to avoid confusion until the inoculation, we created a "quick reference table" that allows you to confirm the inoculation time.

Mayor Yamamoto said, "We are thinking of doing whatever we can."