Shortly after the Supreme Court revoked the decision of the Tokyo High Court, which did not allow retrial and redoing the trial, and ordered the high court to try again for Mr. Iwao Hakamada, who was sentenced to death in the so-called "Hakamada Incident". It's been a year.

My sister, who lives with Mr. Hakata, held a press conference and appealed to approve the retrial.

Iwao Hakamada (85) was sentenced to death in 1966 when four family members were killed in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, but the Supreme Court did not approve the retrial in December last year. Has been revoked and the high court hearing is continuing again.

Shortly after the Supreme Court's decision, one year before, my sister Hideko and her supporters held a press conference in Hamamatsu City on the 10th.

Mr. Hideko commented on Mr. Hakata's lifestyle after the decision, saying, "I was able to say" I'm glad "even when I was walking in the city. It has changed to express what I want to do, such as specifying the place I want to go out. "

However, due to the long-term detention of Mr. Hakata, he is still unable to have sufficient conversation.

Hideko said, "I haven't talked about the case at all right now, but I'll talk about it when it's decided to start the retrial. I think the condition of Iwao will improve. Anyway, I have to win." I appealed to admit.