From 0:00 to 14:00 on December 10, 5 new cases were confirmed in Manzhouli City.

Up to now, a total of 512 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia have been reported in Manzhouli City.

  Case 508 was a positive nucleic acid test of a home quarantine person, and confirmed cases 509-512 were positive in a nucleic acid test during the concentrated isolation period. The above-mentioned expert group consultation was diagnosed as a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia.

  From 0:00 to 12:00 on December 10, 53 new close contacts were added, and a total of 12,646 close contacts were investigated.

  (Headquarters reporter Jin Jianjun Xiu Zhiguo Yang Shunshun Bao Wulin Chen Xiaodong)