“Moscow is located in the cold part of a powerful anticyclone.

This means that, in addition to severe freezing, advection of air masses from the north and northeast is also observed.

The temperature on Thursday in Moscow corresponds to the coldest day of the year, January 31 (according to climatic statistics) "- RIA Novosti quoted Vilfand as saying.

He noted that on December 10, the anticyclone will still approach Moscow, and the temperature will be 8-10 degrees below normal, which will be the climatic norm for Naryan-Mar.

“Very severe frosts,” added the meteorologist.

According to him, cold air masses came from Novaya Zemlya.

It will be down to -22 ° C at night.

The maximum temperatures during the day are -13 ...- 15 ° C.

An employee of the Phobos weather center, Yevgeny Tishkovets, had previously also warned about the January frosts in Moscow and the Moscow region.