Louise Bernard with Alexis Patri 09:47 am, December 09, 2021

"TV Magazine", the weekly which belongs to the Le Figaro group, publishes its ranking of the favorite TV personalities of the French.

This result of a viewer survey is published twice a year.

This time, the personalities of the M6 ​​channel occupy half of the first ten places.

Always very commented, it is the object of good-natured jokes between the TV presenters, particularly between the friends Nagui and Michel Cymes. 

TV Magazine

unveils its ranking of the favorite TV personalities of the French, the second for the year 2021. And it is Stéphane Plaza who again arrives in the lead, just like last June.

This first place is not the only good performance for M6.

The channel is the one with the most personalities in the top 10, five in total.

The four companions of Stéphane Plaza stamped M6 are Cyril Lignac, Philippe Etchebest, Julien Courbet and Karine Le Marchand. 

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For its part, France 2 does not have to be ashamed either: it places four of its personalities in the top 10: Nagui, Stéphane Bern, Elise Lucet (who is the first woman in the ranking) and Laurent Delahousse.

The only remaining place in the top 10 goes to TF1 and Jean-Luc Reichmann, who occupies second place in the ranking. 

Differences in votes between young and old

Votes by age group are interesting to scrutinize.

The 18-34 year olds elected Stéphane Plaza, Cyril Lignac, and Philippe Etchebest as their favorite TV personalities, while the over 65 year olds were chosen by Laurent Delahousse, Elise Lucet and Stéphane Bern.

A host manages to be the favorite of French people aged 18 to 50: Stéphane Plaza.

This should reinforce M6 in its choice to have entrusted it with a new program,

Tout changer ou Déménager

, currently being filmed.