The beheading of his victim... The "Ismailia serial killer" was sentenced today

Today, Thursday, the Ismailia Criminal Court in Egypt will hold a hearing for the accused of killing a citizen by beheading, after he separated his head from his body and presented it in front of citizens, and attempted to kill 2 others in the middle of the street in the case known in the media as the "Ismailia serial killer".

The Ismailia Criminal Court decided, in its last session, last Monday, to postpone the case to a session tomorrow, Thursday, to pronounce the verdict.

The Egyptian Public Prosecutor, Hamada El-Sawy, referred, earlier, the accused, Abdel-Rahman Dabour, known as the Ismaili butcher, to accusing him of intentionally killing a citizen in Ismailia and attempting to kill two others to the competent criminal court in an urgent criminal trial, to punish him for what was attributed to him from the foregoing, as well as his abuse Drugs and possession of knives, without legal justification, in a gathering place with the intent of disturbing public order.

While the investigation authorities established evidence of the accused from the testimony of the two injured victims and ten other witnesses, and what resulted in their access to the crime filming clips, and their acquaintance with the accused, as well as the accused’s detailed admission of committing the crimes attributed to him, and what was proven in the report of the Forensic Medicine Authority that the incident occurred according to photography contained in the investigations, and that the result of the analysis of the accused contained a drug he had previously admitted to taking and whose type had been determined in the investigations, as well as another type.

Before the report of the Department of Forensic Psychiatry issued by the Regional Council for Mental Health reveals that the accused is free of any symptoms indicative of his psychological or mental disorder, which may be lost or lacking in awareness, choice, integrity of will, discrimination, and knowledge of right and wrong, whether at the present time or at the time of the incident in question. accusation, which makes him responsible for the charges against him.

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