Sun Haiyang and his wife sent their son back to Shandong without wanting to affect his son's completion of his studies

  After the child finishes his studies, Sun Haiyang will support his choice; many parents who are looking for children come to see off, hoping to find their children as soon as possible

  On December 8, a "special" farewell dinner became the last stop of Sun Haiyang's son Sun Zhuo's family confession 14 years after being abducted.

  At the door of the hotel, the banner "Welcome Sun Zhuo home!"

After a while, Sun Zhuo came in, with his biological mother Peng Siying by his side.

Since Sun Zhuo came back, no matter where he is, Peng Siying's eyes cannot leave him.

At this moment, Peng Siying settled him down at the table and let his biological father, Sun Haiyang, sit next to his son.

Finally, she sat down next to Sun Haiyang.

  On December 7, Sun Zhuo followed his parents back to his hometown in Jianli, Hubei, and confessed to his grandparents.

The next day, accompanied by his parents, he returned to Yanggu, Shandong to continue his schooling.

  "I will return to Shenzhen after delivery, so I don't want to disturb him at school"

  Sun Haiyang said that after sending Sun Zhuo back to Shandong, even though he wanted to stay there and learn about Sun Zhuo’s daily growth in the past 14 years, living environment, friends, elementary school, junior high school, high school... he was too curious, and He wanted to know every moment his son passed by.

  But this would disturb Sun Zhuo's studies, he hesitated.

Sun Haiyang decided to leave quietly, to take a look at Sun Zhuo's elementary and junior high schools, and then return to Shenzhen to let Sun Zhuo complete his studies in a quiet environment.

Later, he will also support Sun Zhuo's choice.

  On December 7, Sun Haiyang took Sun Zhuo around the village, looked at the sky and trees in his hometown, and met his deceased.

They also went to the kindergarten that Sun Zhuo went to when he was a child, and the principal there still remembered Sun Zhuo.

In the evening, Sun Zhuo's grandparents and relatives have been pulling Sun Zhuo to introduce members of the extended family and chatting until 12 o'clock in the night.

Sometimes the atmosphere was too warm, and Sun Haiyang had to persuade them to "don't scare him."

  "He (Sun Zhuo) has a very good personality, very sensible, and very happy to communicate with him." Sun Haiyang felt relieved. Although he hadn't seen him in 14 years, he didn't feel any estrangement between his father and his son.

  Many parents looking for children rushed to see off

  At the farewell dinner, in addition to Sun Zhuo's family, there were also some people who came from all over the place. They sat half of the dinner table.

These people have a similar experience, and there is more than one group of parents seeking children who are always full of news.

Someone’s child was lost in 1998, when he was 3 years and 4 months old, and has not been found until now. “If he were there, he would be 26 years old.”

  Du Xiaohua, who was with Sun Haiyang in a group of parents looking for children, also came to Jianli, Hubei, to complete his "agreement" with Sun Haiyang and accompany them to send Sun Zhuo back to Shandong.

  Du Xiaohua brought a banner with many photos of missing children, and was wearing a T-shirt with his own phone number written on it.

Du Xiaohua's son, Du Houqi, was born on April 16, 2005, and disappeared on March 6, 2011 in Qingshan District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, and was suspected of being abducted.

  Du Xiaohua said that Sun Haiyang found the child, and he believed that his child would be found sooner or later.

At the same time, he also wanted to say to the traffickers and buyers who abducted the children: "I didn't let you raise our children. It's not that you will become your children when you say "finally raised". There is no harm if there is no business!"

  Du Xiaohua told reporters that after returning to Shandong, he plans to gather with Sun Haiyang and Guo Gangtang (the prototype of the movie "Lost Orphans") to learn from them the experience of finding children.

  Sun Haiyang said, “It is our luck that my child was successfully found. Du Xiaohua will take the baton from me in the future and help more people find children.”

  The adoptive mother claimed that “I didn’t know that the child was abducted”

  Sun Zhuo's "home" in Shandong is located in a small village not far from Yanggu County.

It is close to the national highway and a 40-minute drive from the highway.

In the evening, the village was already dark, and epidemic prevention personnel stood guard at the entrance of the village.

With the dim street lights, one can see a section of low floors, which are fairly neatly arranged.

  Sun Zhuo’s adoptive mother told the Beijing News reporter that at the beginning, she and her husband had two daughters, and could not bear the arguments of others, so she was moved to adopt a boy.

Later, a relative named Wu said that he knew of a family whose parents had divorced, leaving a boy unsupported, so the adoptive mother took the child and raised it by herself.

  The adoptive mother claimed that she had not given the child any money at the time.

She never worried that the child's biological parents would find it.

  After investigation by the police, this relative named Wu was the suspect of abducting Sun Zhuo, Wu XX. He has been detained.

  Sun Zhuo’s adoptive parents start a small business and earn seven to eight hundred yuan a day.

Fearing to affect Sun Zhuo, her adoptive mother said that she had never mentioned his life experience to others.

Because the two looked a little alike, no one around them doubted.

No one knew about Sun Zhuo and his biological parents, except for the couple and Sun Zhuo's teacher.

Sun Zhuo's registered permanent residence was in Heilongjiang, but this did not affect his schooling. His student status is still in Shandong.

  The adoptive mother said that she hoped that Sun Zhuo would complete high school and be admitted to university in Shandong.

No matter how Sun Zhuo chooses, she has no opinion.

"To be honest (as long as) it doesn't delay his studies or his future, we don't have any opinion on wherever we go. We will all leave as relatives."

  Beijing News reporter Xu Yang Jiang Pengfeng Zhao Lu Li Yang