To respond to the violence accompanied by looting committed on the sidelines of the blockades and the general strike in Martinique, which began on November 22, justice did not choose laxity.

For these facts, nearly 150 investigations were opened, said the prosecutor of the Republic of Fort-de-France on Wednesday evening.

In total, about fifty people were referred including a dozen placed in detention, declared the prosecutor, Clarisse Taron, on the local television ViaATV, specifying that "the most serious and the heaviest cases are still to come".

Another arrest Tuesday evening

As part of these judicial investigations, the Martinique gendarmerie proceeded to a new arrest Tuesday evening.

This is a man from Saint Lucia, suspected of concealment and placed in police custody, after the looting and burglaries perpetrated in recent days in various businesses on the island.

Pharmacies have been victims of acts of vandalism, as have several supermarket chains, shops, and even a sorting center, where dozens of Christmas packages have been disembowelled and their contents stolen.

Sponsors in Saint Lucia?

"For three days, we have been stepping up operations to intercept the looters but also the concealments of looting," said General William Vaquette, commander of the Martinique gendarmerie. According to the gendarmerie, products could be smuggled in Saint Lucia, located 87 kilometers south of Martinique. Investigators indeed suspect gangs in Saint Lucia of having ordered looting on the sidelines of violence linked to the social crisis.

"Delinquency and criminality feed on disorder because when there is social disorder, the security forces are more on the roadblocks, must intervene on arson which are sometimes traps to fix the security forces and during this time. time to try to loot ”, explained General Vaquette.

Nearly twenty gendarmes were injured during the nightly violence.


The curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. extended for two weeks in Martinique


The extended but reduced curfew in Guadeloupe, one of the biggest roadblocks dismantled by the police

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