China News Service, Hong Kong, December 9th (Suo Youwei, Wei Huadu) The Chinese Space Station "Tiangong Class" teaching activity was held on the afternoon of the 9th, and the Hong Kong Peiqiao College set up sub-classes.

A Hong Kong student asked the astronauts in class. The student said after class that he was proud of the national aerospace industry.

  Some teachers and students of Pei Kiu College who participated in space teaching attended a press conference after class. The principal Wu Yuzhi said that it is an honor to have "space teachers" lead about 300 teachers and students in Hong Kong to conduct experiments. These experiments are difficult to do on earth. People are eye-opening.

He said that the "Tiangong Classroom" aroused interest in science and technology among students and increased the national identity of all teachers and students.

On the afternoon of December 9th, the "Tiangong Classroom" of the China Space Station opened for the first time. The astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu of the Shenzhou 13 crew gave space lectures on the space station.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  Men Ruihan, a first-year high school student in Peiqiao Academy, asked the astronauts in the "Tiangong Classroom". He said that the astronauts answered the questions in detail and diverted to other space knowledge based on this question, which enriched the content of the class. It made him feel very honored.

He said that he was very proud of the country's aerospace industry and called on his students to study aerospace knowledge together.

  Wang Huicheng, vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers and vice-principal of Peiqiao College, told a reporter from China News Agency that “Tiangong Classroom” has increased Hong Kong students’ interest in aerospace science and technology. develop.

He said that the event also gave Hong Kong students a sense of pride, and the national aerospace science and technology development is getting better and better, giving students the opportunity to contribute to the national aerospace in the future.

  Zhou Meiting, the second grade student of Peiqiao Academy, told a reporter from China News Agency that she was lucky to be able to participate in today's "Tiangong Class" because only about 300 people were able to attend the class, which was an unforgettable experience.

She said that the most memorable thing was the space room Wang Yaping showed her, which was filled with family photos and decorated very warmly.

  Yu Jiaqi, the sixth grade student of Peiqiao Academy Primary School, told reporters that the "Tiangong Class" experiment was very interesting. The most impressive link was putting a table tennis ball on the water. It will float on the earth, but sink in space.