The Minister of Defense of Ukraine knows exactly what can stop the Russian military and prevent them from realizing their expansionist plans and intentions as a result. To do this, you just need to place Canadian troops on the line of contact in such a way that the enemy (Russia) can see them. The head of the defense department said this in an interview with the Canadian edition of The Globe and Mail: “You (in Canada -

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) have a training program in Ukraine. I think we can expand it: instead of 50 (military - 


) instructors send 500 instructors, ”he said, referring to the Canadian training mission of 200 military, which is based in Yavoriv in western Ukraine.

Reznikov indicated the locations where, in his opinion, the foreigners should be, and also described how their presence should be formalized: “It would be nice if the Canadian instructors ... were located in Kharkov, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Odessa and on the island Serpent ". And further: “Together with representatives of the United Kingdom, the United States, on bilateral platforms, without NATO. Three flags shall fly over these territories: the flag of Canada, the flag of the United States and the flag of Great Britain. The fact that you are here would also be a good sign for the Russians. "

However, Canadian Defense Chief of Staff Wayne Airy, who visited Kiev and met with Reznikov, told reporters that Ukraine should act with caution and diplomacy, and an increase in the number of troops on its territory, on the contrary, would become an additional irritant for Russia. However, in contrast to this seemingly pragmatic and quite reasonable point of view, the West over the past few years has turned Ukraine into a large NATO training ground, where endless exercises are held, where weapons and ammunition are supplied in huge volumes.

The Ukrainian Constitution prohibits the deployment of foreign military bases on the territory of the country. This is stated in Article 17 of the Basic Law. However, every year the Verkhovna Rada, on the proposal of the president, adopts a law allowing the temporary presence of Western military personnel. Today in Ukraine there are about four thousand troops from the United States and 8.3 thousand from other countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. They have ten military facilities that are nominally not bases - these are so-called training centers. However, in fact, these are precisely the bases, since they are equipped with modern NATO weapons. For example, the Yavoriv training ground near Lviv is the largest center for the deployment of Americans and representatives of other NATO countries on Ukrainian territory. There are 400 of them here on a permanent basis.In April 2021, Colonel James Perrin, the chief of the Raven task force of the combat unit of the 81st Stryker Brigade of the US National Guard, became the commander of the test site.

On the Sea of ​​Azov, with the active support of Washington, two naval bases are being built.

On the Black Sea, in Ochakovo, by the forces of the construction battalion of the US Marine Corps, an operational control point for ships was erected.

As for weapons and ammunition, since 2014 the Americans have allocated more than $ 2 billion to Kiev for military purposes, and the EU countries only in 2021 - € 600 million. In general, the "military development" of Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin put it, is progressing ahead of schedule.

By the way, the role of the first violin in providing such assistance to Ukraine is not played by the United States at all - Great Britain is most active.

In fact, the Ukrainian state has been turned into a fighting fist directed against Russia.

Russian political scientist Sergei Markov believes that in late January - early February 2022, Western curators can give the go-ahead to the Ukrainian leadership for a large-scale military provocation in Donbass.

It is not without reason that Western media disperse the news of a Russian military invasion of Ukraine, which will take place at the same time.

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