[Explanation] The world's first panoramic sightseeing mountain tourist train, the country's first intelligent loading and unloading system, and the domestic self-developed unmanned truck driver system... On December 8, the 2021 China International Rail Transit and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo opened in Zhuzhou, Hunan. More than 800 domestic and foreign companies participated online and offline, exhibiting and releasing a batch of the latest scientific and technological innovations in the rail transit industry.

  The reporter saw at the scene that the world's first panoramic sightseeing mountain train independently developed by CRRC Zhuji, the Lijiang Tourist Sightseeing Tram, was launched off the assembly line.

The train adopts a three-section formation with a maximum operating speed of 70 kilometers per hour and a maximum capacity of 351 passengers. It can meet the operating environment requirements of high altitude, strong ultraviolet rays, and long ramps. It will undertake the task of connecting the dedicated line in the scenic spot of Lijiang, Yunnan, to and from the ancient city of Lijiang Between Yulong Snow Mountain.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Li, Director of Urban Rail System R&D Department of CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd.

  The main feature of this car is designed for mountain tourism, so its biggest performance is, the first one, it can climb very high, which can reach 60‰; the second one is for sightseeing, and it is designed with a very large area. The skylights and side windows are provided so that visitors can enjoy the scenery along the way in all aspects.

  [Explanation] Zhou Li, head of the Urban Rail System R&D Department of CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., told reporters that the articulated power bogie of the car is the first in China. The design of panoramic windows and electrically adjustable color-changing glass can make visitors feel it. "Man is swimming in the middle of the painting."

At the same time, the exterior design of the train is inspired by the Blue Moon Lake in Lijiang. The whole body is blue. The inner top of the train is decorated with the Lijiang "Picking Stars and Wearing the Moon" Totem, and the side walls are engraved with famous sayings in Dongba script, showing the strong national customs of Lijiang.

  With the theme of "Smart Track, Connecting the Future", this year's expo will set up physical exhibition halls such as themed image hall, innovative enterprise and talent hall, and international hall, with a planned exhibition area of ​​60,000 square meters.

In the rail transit AR sand table display area, scanning the white sand table model with iPad, you can see that dozens of trains of CRRC Zhuji are running orderly in different application scenarios in modern cities.

The virtual information displayed synchronously through the AR sand table can supplement and superimpose the real content, and display related planning facilities in different scenarios.

  [Concurrent] Changsha Hongda Weiai Information Technology Co., Ltd. Media Promotion Wang Qihang

  We are different from the traditional modeling. After reading the CAD design drawing, we can set these contents in a lightweight manner.

Therefore, our digital trains are exactly the same as its physical prototypes, that is, not only can we see its appearance, we can also perform a series of interactive operations.

For example, unfold it to look at its engine and its gear set.

  [Explanation] A railway virtual emergency rescue training system that integrates a virtual reality platform and a real movement mechanism. It is loaded with more than 10 general railway rescue simulation training scenarios, which realizes the simulation of the operating environment, operating environment, operating process and emergency treatment of failure phenomena Training can truly show a series of operation processes of railway rescue cranes under normal and extreme environments, reduce the training costs of enterprises, and improve the effectiveness of skills training for trainees.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Shuai, deputy director of the laboratory of Changsha Hongda Weiai Information Technology Co., Ltd.

  It belongs to this kind of dangerous project, it is impossible for a novice to directly operate on the ground, so this kind of simulated driving gives him a sense of familiarity first, and then a sense of immersion, so that he can also be familiar with the project, the process, and the steps. , He won't panic when he gets to the ground.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the expo will last for 3 days and will hold 1 theme event, 6 special events and 10 market-oriented supporting events, including embassies and consulate officials and representatives of business associations from 16 countries and regions including the United States and Germany. Organize a group to participate in the meeting to discuss the development trend of the rail transit industry.

  Reporting from Guan Ziwen and Liu Man from Zhuzhou, Hunan

Editor in charge: [Yue Chuan]