Who will let the privacy of members "run naked" in the background?

  Wu Ruixuan

  On December 7, some media released an investigation report, pointing out that Jiayuan acquiesced in allowing sales staff to browse users’ private information at will. The professional identity of "sales matchmaker" was all relied on fake "package", and "red thread" was all attracted by words. Members pay to apply for a card at the store, behave as a "trusted" for customers, and offer quotations when they meet people.

In this regard, Jiayuan issued an apology on its official blog, admitting that there was a violation, and has now removed the word function in the background, and has begun to conduct dragnet investigations and rectifications.

  Jiayuan.com, which claims to have 220 million registered members, its users’ personal chat records, browsing records and other private information are similar to "streaking" incidents in the background. Although it is a commonplace problem, due to the large number of members on the platform, the influence is huge and once it appears , And soon aroused widespread concern from all walks of life.

  In order to increase the "customer acquisition rate", Jiayuan became a "voyeur" for members' privacy, which not only seriously damaged the good image of the company, but was also suspected of violating multiple laws and regulations.

The Consumer Rights Protection Law clearly stipulates that when collecting consumer information, the principles of lawfulness, fairness, and necessity must be followed, and the purpose, purpose, and scope of use of the collection must be notified in advance, and the collection can only be done with the consent of consumers.

At the same time, operators must formulate corresponding management systems and adopt corresponding technical facilities to ensure the safety of their collection of information.

  Obviously, Jiayuan has no obligation to legally collect and store user information at all.

In addition, Jiayuan not only infringed the citizens' "right to privacy" in the "Civil Code", but also infringed the citizens' "right to personal information" in the "Personal Information Protection Law".

It is worth noting that in July 2020, Jiayuan of the Century was listed among the 58 apps that violated user rights and interests notified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

More than a year after being asked to make rectifications, Jiayuan was still blatantly violating the "Personal Information Protection Act" and other laws.

  In the face of behaviors that do not comply with laws, do not investigate violations, and disrupt market order, the relevant regulatory authorities should not be limited to rectification and reform of the enterprises themselves, and they should intervene in a timely manner. They should increase punishment for violations and make a big blow. "Seal the throat" so as to defend citizens' personal information privacy rights and effectively protect the collection of corporate personal information from transgressing boundaries.

  As personal privacy is "streaking", security risks become more and more prominent, and the protection of personal information needs to focus on multiple dimensions.

The law controls the bottom line, so that companies dare not try the law; companies keep their conscience, respect users, and operate with integrity; individuals plug loopholes and raise awareness of prevention.

Only by taking a multi-pronged approach can we put on a "safety suit" for personal information.